“The domestic market is getting saturated. How can we start selling elsewhere?”



Internationalization continues to be the next step for many companies.

There are many reasons that can lead us to set our sights on nearby markets. These can range from finding success in our home market to a lack of trust on our own capacity. The reality is that international markets offer a huge opportunity to companies that have demonstrated the ability to establish value elsewhere. Business factors may be more or less similar to our own, but we’re definitely looking at positioning and accessibility that vary from what we’re used to.


What markets are worth entering?
What are the risks and barriers to entry?
What competitive advantage do we stand to gain?
What strategy should we use?
What kind of structure do we need?
How do we detect, select, and manage our local partners?
What kind of resources do we need to dedicate? What events should we attend?


Internationalizing a business or product requires strictly planning our objectives, priorities, and resources. It’s particularly important to  access to market research which help us progress more quickly and reduce risk.
This will allows us to carefully choose which markets have potential and how to best approach them.


Managing priorities and resources is of utmost importance. In general, we have to establish local alliances and know how to manage them efficiently.


Build UP offers experience in the process of going to international markets and managing international organizations. That’s why we can support companies in realizing their internationalization strategies, as well as help them find, develop, and implement distribution and market access solutions.

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